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Massage For Mental Health. Stress. Depression. Anxiety.

When you are suffering with your mental health, it can feel exhausting, disempowering and hopeless. The body’s energy is caught up with cognition, in itself creating tiredness and exhaustion. The body’s energy is literally focused in the head. What better way to draw your awareness out of the problem zone and into the rest of your body than with a massage?

I was suffering a bout of depression a few years ago when one day, I was walking barefoot in my garden lost in thought, I stood suddenly on a sharp stone. My foot immediately recoiled from the sudden pain as a wave of tingling sensation shot from my head right through my body to my foot. Waking it up as it passed. I became suddenly aware of my whole body giving immediate relief from my mental processes. It made me realise how caught up in thought I was and thus out of tune with my own body.

Massage is a fantastic alternative to standing on a stone.

The nurturing touch of massage can provide the body and mind with a stimulus besides that of rumination. It draws ones attention out of the mind/head and into the body. Doing this in a way which simultaneously relaxes the body acts to ease the physiological tension associated with stress and ground the mind in the body.